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online piano lessons

online piano lessons

online piano lessonsonline piano lessons

Group piano lessons

piano lessons in Tacoma

Learning piano in a group

Learning in a group has many benefits: it provides confidence in playing for others; stimulates critical listening as students hear other students perform and comment on their performance; aids students in developing rhythmic security.

Learning in a group allows students to learn from peers as well as from the teacher; provides setting where drills and exercises can be more interesting and motivating.

Group instruction also increases attention span allowing the lesson time to be longer than private lessons, and allows students to broaden their musical experiences. It provides  friendly competitive atmosphere and facilitates performance in ensembles.

Group lessons  encourage students to develop skills in solving their own problems and establish a sense of group spirit and group dynamics.

JUMP START or Standard group piano

Both piano programs are designed for students with no or minimal prior piano lessons experience. The Standard beginning group piano meets once  per week, Intensive JUMP START piano class features one lesson and one lab per week.  Both programs use an accelerated method book and  engaging and fun tablet application.  

Piano for Adults

Adult students are welcome! Learning to play piano is an excellent way to keep your mind sharp through the years while bringing the joy of music to you and your loved ones.  Private lessons and  group lessons are available.