1001 S Yakima Ave, Tacoma, Washington 98405, United States

online piano lessons

online piano lessons

online piano lessonsonline piano lessons

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Great teacher. Very knowledgeable and patient. We are lucky to have her here in Tacoma. My child likes the teacher very much and plays a lot at home ever since he became her student. Strongly recommend.    

                                                  Jin M.  Lakewood, WA

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I wish that I had the luck of having such a great teacher when I studying piano as a child. One can tell immediately that she has had an excellent preparation not only as a pianist, but also as a pedagogue. Ms. Smaga pays attention not only to whether the notes my son plays are correct, but also to how he is playing, and all the other little details of how he approaches the piano, even from the first lesson. She provides him with useful exercises to develop his technique, and treats him like an equal. She is serious, but also fun. We love her.

                                                  Kristina M.  Lakewood, WA

Thorough, detailed and extremely expressive playing from each student. Phrasing, articulation, voicing/color and pedal all contributed towards bringing out the special flavor and style of each composition. I heard great attention and respect for the score and it was also obvious that there was a respect for the personality and responsiveness of the student towards the music. A great atmosphere for learning and building artistry!

                                       Teacher’s evaluation by Washington State Music Teachers Association adjudicator.


Our daughter has taken piano lessons from Tacoma Music Academy for two years, and our experience has been wonderful. The teacher is extremely knowledgable (and talented!), patient, and kind. She uses modern teaching methods and has a variety of programs to cater to students of all ages and learning abilities. We highly recommend Tacoma Music Academy!

                                                 Julie D. Tacoma  WA