Our Values


 We think that music is so important and beneficial to communities and individuals that everyone should have access to a quality music education. 


A professional teacher coupled with keyboards, computer games and electronic rewards, all make learning piano fast, fun and pro-active.  There is never a dull moment!


Our program aims to make music education accessible to children of all walks of life. We provide financial assistance to those who may not have the income to afford classes or a piano to practice on at home.

Our Mission Statement


The Tacoma Music Academy is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization formed for the purpose of advancement of music education. 

Its primary mission is to provide quality music education to children and  adults in Tacoma and Pierce County; to ensure that every student shall have access to a balanced, comprehensive, and high-quality program of music instruction; to promote the involvement of persons of all ages in the learning of music; and to conduct programs and activities to enhance the musical culture of our community for the benefit and general welfare of all persons.

Svitlana Smaga, Piano Instructor/Executive director


Originally from Ukraine, Svitlana Smaga received her Masters degrees in Piano Performance from the Donetsk State Conservatory and Mariupol Music College, taught at the School of Arts in her hometown of Mariupol and performed  as a soloist and collaborative artist. After relocating to California in 2005, she served as a piano instructor and staff accompanist at the College of the Siskiyous. Svitlana also enjoyed a professional career as a collaborative pianist for Tacoma Opera. Svitlana is a registered Music Together ® teacher and a guest pianist for the internationally acclaimed Rimsky-Korsakov String Quartet from St. Petersburg, Russia.